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Painted Gravel Blog iDiaristThis past winter taking a walk between movies at the Sedona Film Festival…  © roger minick 2018

Concrete Bird iDiarist BlogCrossing street in La Jolla, CA, looked down, saw this…

© rogerminick 2018

Construction Screen iDiarist BlogAn abstraction I saw on the way to my car in an enclosed parking lot…

© rogerminick 2018

Banjo Strings Blog iDiaristDetail of my banjo, showing patterns left from my clawhammer/drop-thumb style playing… © roger minick 2016

Sand Man Blog IdiaristOn a walk today at the beach in Carlsbad I saw this pattern left in the sand after high tide… © roger minick 2015

Pittsburg Blog iDiaristA wall abstract I found last summer during a walk I took around downtown Pittsburg… © roger minick 2015

Shadow Man #3 Blog iDiaristA mysterious assembly of forms I encountered on a recent walk…

© roger minick 2015