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Trumpet Vine Roots #1 Blog iDiaristFound this after a day of gardening… © roger minick 2018

Glass Fish Blog iDiaristGlass fish at Carlsbad at sunset… © roger minick 2018

Horse Blog iDiaristHorse figurine at Carlsbad… © roger minick 2018

Chess at Carlsbad Blog iDiaristA game of chess with Joel awaits at Carlsbad… © roger minick 2018

Cowboy Hat & Deer Blog iDiarist

Wall display at local restaurant… © roger minick 2017

Dove & Ali iDiarist BlurbA recent lunch with Ali & Joel at their house in Southern California, talking for hours, so much catching up… © roger minick 2017

potted-woman-blog-idiaristPotted display at outdoor Mexican Restaurant in Old Town San Diego…

© roger minick 2016