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No Wifi iDiarist BlogSign posted in Cafe Topes in Carlsbad, California… © roger minick 2018


Cowboy Hat & Deer Blog iDiarist

Wall display at local restaurant… © roger minick 2017

Dress Armature iDiarist Blog

Dress Armature display at local restaurant… © roger minick 23017

pigs-in-a-blanket-blog-idiaristIn Whole Foods recently, was tempted but decided to just take a photograph… © roger minick 2016


potted-woman-blog-idiaristPotted display at outdoor Mexican Restaurant in Old Town San Diego…

© roger minick 2016


Pannikin Blog iDiaristCoffee shop in Encinitas, CA… © roger minick 2016

Analog Man #3 Blog iDiaristA man with an eerie resemblance to my father recently hanging out at the local Peet’s Coffee & Tea… © roger minick 2015