Usain Bolt Blog iDiarist

Usain Bolt at Rio after winning 100 meters for third time at an Olympics…

© roger minick 2016

Thermal Pool Yellowstone Blog iDiaristAt twilight last summer walking the boardwalks at Upper Geyser Basin, one of my favorite walks in the world… © roger minick 2015

Banjo Strings Blog iDiaristDetail of my banjo, showing patterns left from my clawhammer/drop-thumb style playing… © roger minick 2016


Shattuck & Allston Blog iDiaristLast Tuesday on my way to the dentist… © roger minick 2016

Pannikin Blog iDiaristCoffee shop in Encinitas, CA… © roger minick 2016

Sedona Octillo Blog iDiaristLeaving a restaurant in Sedona, crossing the parking lot, the moon rising, headlights illuminating Ocotillo… @ roger minick 2016

Thermal Trees iDiarist BlogTrees scorched bare near Grand Geyser at Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone… © roger minick 2015