Dino with Person Blog iDiaristA roadside attraction near Palm Springs I have photographed many times over the years… © roger minick 2018

Painted Gravel Blog iDiaristThis past winter taking a walk between movies at the Sedona Film Festival…  © roger minick 2018

Glass Fish Blog iDiaristGlass fish at Carlsbad at sunset… © roger minick 2018

Horse Blog iDiaristHorse figurine at Carlsbad… © roger minick 2018

Chess at Carlsbad Blog iDiaristA game of chess with Joel awaits at Carlsbad… © roger minick 2018

Red Delivery Truck Blurb iDiaristA blustery day in Sedona three months ago…

© roger minick 2018

Concrete Bird iDiarist BlogCrossing street in La Jolla, CA, looked down, saw this…

© rogerminick 2018