windriver-range-blog-idiaristTwo months ago, the fabulous sky and mountains east of the Tetons…   © roger minick 2016

teton-colors-blog-idiaristWaking early in the Tetons to see this… © roger minick 2016

lake-louise-blog-idiaristLast September in Banff, one of the most spectacular National Parks in the world… © roger minick 2016

string-lake-blog-idiaristAt String Lake in The Tetons, a quiet, intimate stop on my recent road trip… © roger minick 2016


A recent morning viewing one of the most magnificent escarpments in the world… © roger minick 2016



A picnic at a spot with my favorite people from where I have made many photographs in the past… @ roger minick 2016

Usain Bolt Blog iDiarist

Usain Bolt at Rio after winning 100 meters for third time at an Olympics… © roger minick 2016