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Cafe at Beaune iDiarist Blog MasterCafe in the wonderful town of Beaune, France… © rogerminick 2018

Greenwich Observatory iDiarist Blog v2Tourist with feet straddling prime meridian line, marking longitude line of zero for the globe… © roger minick 2018

Orches France iDiarist Blurb.jpgRecently driving the “Wine Loop” of small villages near Beaune, France…

© roger minick 2018

Flying into Edinburgh iDiarist Blog

Last week flying from Amsterdam to Edinburgh… © roger minick 2018

No Wifi iDiarist BlogSign posted in Cafe Topes in Carlsbad, California… © roger minick 2018


Joel's Card Collection Hipsta iDiarist BlogMagician Joel Ward’s collection of playing cards, many rare and antique… © roger minick 2018

Ali & Joel Being Photographed iDiarist BlogA glorious evening with Joel & Ali… © roger minick 2018