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French Bureau w Xmas Lights iDiarist Blog MasterFrench sideboard with xmas lights, photographs, instruments, family photos & juggling balls… © roger minick 2018

Joel's Card Collection Hipsta iDiarist BlogMagician Joel Ward’s collection of playing cards, many rare and antique… © roger minick 2018

Ali & Joel's Quilt iDiarist Blog MasterQuilting by Claudia Comay / Design by Roger Minick…

© roger minick 2018

Chess at Carlsbad Blog iDiaristA game of chess with Joel awaits at Carlsbad… © roger minick 2018

Dove & Ali iDiarist BlurbA recent lunch with Ali & Joel at their house in Southern California, talking for hours, so much catching up… © roger minick 2017

Joel Gott Wine Blog iDiaristA gift of wine last Xmas with inscription from Joel & Ali…

© roger minick 2017

alis-birthday-cards-blog-idiaristA recent wonderful weekend celebrating Ali’s birthday…

©roger minick 2017