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Curry Kissing The Holy Grail Blog iDiaristLast night the Warriors took their second championship in three years!…

© roger minick 2017



Jim Murray Blog iDiaristRecent visit with my longtime friend and artist Jim Murray in his home and studio as he contemplates his masterpiece painting, “Bridalveil Falls”… © roger minick 2017



A picnic at a spot with my favorite people from where I have made many photographs in the past… @ roger minick 2016

Usain Bolt Blog iDiarist

Usain Bolt at Rio after winning 100 meters for third time at an Olympics… © roger minick 2016

Ali at South Rim iDiarist BlogLast summer a glorious afternoon and morning at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon… © roger minick 2015

Curry Blog iDiaristStephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors after winning NBA Title!…

© roger minick 2015

Man with Beret at Vinaka's Blog iDiaristVinaka Cafe in Carlsbad, CA, is one of my favorite coffee shops…

© roger minick 2015