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Joyed on Train from York to London iDiarist BlurbOn recent train ride from York to London, Joyce watching the passing English countryside… © roger minick 2018

Let There Be Magic iDiarist BlogTraveling recently in Isle of Skye with great magician (and new son-in-law) Joel Ward… © roger minick 2018

Man with Trumbone at October Fest iDiarist BlogMusician at Oktoberfest in Munich taking a break from festivities…

© roger minick 2018

Ali in Armour iDiarist BlogAt castle in St. Gore on the Rhine River… © roger minick 2018

Ali with Poodles Blog iDiaristAllison with her dear poodles, Max and Fred… © roger minick 2018

Jim Murray Blog iDiaristRecent visit with my longtime friend and artist Jim Murray in his home and studio as he contemplates his masterpiece painting, “Bridalveil Falls”… © roger minick 2017



A picnic at a spot with my favorite people from where I have made many photographs in the past… @ roger minick 2016