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Greenwich Observatory iDiarist Blog v2Tourist with feet straddling prime meridian line, marking longitude line of zero for the globe… © roger minick 2018

A Moment at the Orsay iDiarist BlogA fleeting moment among many two days ago at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris… © roger minick 2018



Man at Met Blog iDiaristRecently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, one of my favorite museums in the world… © roger minick 2015

Photographing Gorilla Blog iDiaristMan photographing gorilla at American Museum of Natural History in NYC… © roger minick 2015


Roman Forum Blog iDiarist

Stunning view of the Roman Forum from the Capitoline Museums, world’s oldest publicly owned museum… © roger minick 2012


Build They Come Wk Blog iDiarist

Last summer at the Louvre, taking in the fine day and surreal mashup of architecture… © roger minick 2014


Big Fella Blog iDiarist

Diorama of giant grizzly at the American Museum of Natural History, NYC…

© roger minick 2013