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Motel for WebOn road trip recently to Sedona, finally stopping at this motel sign I have been seeing since 1955 when my family moved to California, the iPhone making the image possible… © roger minick 2019

Century 16 Blog iDiaristAt the movies recently in Pleasant Hill, California… © roger minick 2015

Barstow Blog iDiarist

Woke early for this near our motel, on way to Sedona… © roger minick 2014

Lindy's Blog iDiarist

“World Famous Cheese Cake” at 53rd St & 7th Ave, NYC… © roger minick 2013

Neon O Blog iDiarist

Another neon sign along Coast Highway in Encinitas… © roger minick 2013

Ice Cream Cone Blog iDiarist

Walking along street in Encinitas yesterday evening… © roger minick 2012


The “R” in Bar Lounge on 2nd Street & Broadway in downtown Santa Monica…

© roger minick 2012