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Truck Cabin at Yucca CA for WebThe magnificence of clouds recently on full display at Yucca, CA… © roger minick 2019

Motel for WebOn road trip recently to Sedona, finally stopping at this motel sign I have been seeing since 1955 when my family moved to California, the iPhone making the image possible… © roger minick 2019

Cafe at Beaune iDiarist Blog MasterCafe in the wonderful town of Beaune, France… © rogerminick 2018

Greenwich Observatory iDiarist Blog v2Tourist with feet straddling prime meridian line, marking longitude line of zero for the globe… © roger minick 2018

Bacharach #1 iDiarist BlogClimbing the hill above the Rhineland village of Bacharach on a cool foggy morning, the sun just starting to come out… © roger minick 2018

Culnacnot Isle of Skye Color iDiarist BlogI arrived at the railing to this remarkable view on the Isle of Skye just as the rains stopped and the sun came out… © roger minick 2018

Orches France iDiarist Blurb.jpgRecently driving the “Wine Loop” of small villages near Beaune, France…

© roger minick 2018