Nightlight #3 Blog iDiarist

Leaving restaurant last night… © roger minick 2015

Front Yard Blog iDiarist

A chance configuration of light and shadow through bathroom window…

© roger minick 2015

Man with Beret at Vinaka's Blog iDiarist

Vinaka Cafe in Carlsbad, CA, is one of my favorite coffee shops…

© roger minick 2015

Joel's Doves #3 Blog iDiarist

Joel brought his doves down to Carlsbad during his and Ali’s last visit…

© roger minick 2015

Stop at Starbucks Blog iDiarist

Stop at Starbucks at the base of the Grapevine on I-5…

Tamarack Jetty #3 Blog iDiarist

Jetty at Carlsbad, California… © roger minick 2015

Two Sycamores Blog iDiarist

Sycamores along Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona… © roger minick 2015


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