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Walking across the Hungerford Bridge, on my way to see “Antony & Cleopatra” at The Globe Theatre… © roger minick 2014

A Day of Printng Blog iDiarist Working on two projects today, Ozark piezography images (22″x22″) & Handcolored Holga images (21.5″x21.5″)… © roger minick 2014

York Train Station Blog iDiarist Seeing Allison off to London this past summer… © roger minick 2014

Trees of Tuscany X4 Blog iDiarist On a drive through the hilltop towns of Tuscany this past summer… © roger minick 2014

MonteCristoes Blog iDiarist

After a day of successfully working through some difficult (for me!) digital printing techniques, I treated myself to a cuban cigar I recently purchased in Edinburgh and watched the Giants play the Dodgers on TV which, sadly, was a huge laugher––17 zip in favor of the Dodgers!… © roger minick 2014

Subterrean Parking Lot Blog iDiarist Where we parked in Chartres, sixth circle down, Dantesque…

© roger minick 2014

Lobster Traps at Whitby Blog iDiarist Hundreds of traps stacked up along the wharves of the charming fishing/ship-building village… © roger minick 2014


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