Garden at Bourges #3 Blog iDiarist

Lush green quiet beautifully laid out garden at Bourges Cathedral, France…

© roger minick 2014

Glass Atrium at Turin Blog iDiarist

Magnificent Art Nouveau arcade in Turin, Italy… © roger minick 2014

Posey & Giants Win Blog iDiarist

Giants catcher Buster Posey after catching Madison Bumgarner, who pitches a 7th game win in a World Series game for the ages!… © roger minick 2014

Bowl of Fruit Blog iDiarist

At our Bed & Breakfast in Sienna, one of our most favorite stays in Italy…

© roger minick 2014

Edinburgh Castle #2 Blog iDiarist

Climbing to the top of Edinburgh Castle… © roger minick 2014

Inside Pyramid Blog iDiarist

Looking up into the atrium of The Pyramid at the Louvre… © Roger Minick 2014

Danville Fall Blog iDiarist

Fall colors two years ago in my fair town… © roger minick 2012


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