York Train Station #2 Blog iDiarist

Another study of the stunning train station at York… © roger minick 2014

Head Relief Blog iDiarist

Roman tombstone found near South Shields, England, on display in the British Museum… © roger minick 2014

Paris Rain Blog iDiarist

Paris becomes a jewel in the rain… © roger minick 2014

The Queen of the Night Blog iDiarist Ancient Mesopotamian Goddess (possibly of sexual desire and war) at the British Museum… © roger minick 2014

Lock Ness #2 Blog iDiarist

A perfectly still morning last summer at the fabled lake… © roger minick 2014

Romulous & Remus Blog iDiarist The famous statue of Rome’s foundation myth at the Musei Capitoline, Italy…

© roger minick 2012

Darwin Center Blog iDiaristNew Darwin Center at the British Natural History Museum…

© roger minick 2014


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