Curry Blog iDiarist

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors after winning NBA Title!…

© roger minick 2015

Window Display Blog iDiarist

Last weekend walking around downtown San Francisco… © roger minick 2015

Analog Man #3 Blog iDiarist

A man with an eerie resemblance to my father recently hanging out at the local Peet’s Coffee & Tea… © roger minick 2015

Burgundy Canal Blog iDiarist

The Burgundy Canal in eastern France (150 miles long with 189 locks), constructed between the years 1775 and 1832, which we toured a portion of last summer… © roger minick 2014

Coe Valley iDiarist Blog

A feast of views driving through the pristine Scottish valley last summer…

© roger minick 2014

Shadow Man #3 Blog iDiarist

A mysterious assembly of forms I encountered on a recent walk…

© roger minick 2015

Nightlight #3 Blog iDiarist

Leaving restaurant last night… © roger minick 2015


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