Dress Armature iDiarist Blog

Dress Armature display at local restaurant… © roger minick 23017

My Sandals iDiarist BlogThese sandals have transported me to Europe twice and around the United States multiple times… © roger minick 2017


Dove & Ali iDiarist BlurbA recent lunch with Ali & Joel at their house in Southern California, talking for hours, so much catching up… © roger minick 2017

Joel Gott Wine Blog iDiaristA gift of wine last Xmas with inscription from Joel & Ali…

© roger minick 2017

Jim Murray Blog iDiaristRecent visit with my longtime friend and artist Jim Murray in his home and studio as he contemplates his masterpiece painting, “Bridalveil Falls”… © roger minick 2017

Head Walnut Creek Blog iDiaristRecently walking along Main Street in Walnut Creek, California…

© roger minick 2017

sagauro-on-highway-17-blog-idiaristHeading south last week on I-17 after attending Sedona Film Festival… © roger minick 2017