pigs-in-a-blanket-blog-idiaristIn Whole Foods recently, was tempted but decided to just take a photograph… © roger minick 2016


potted-woman-blog-idiaristPotted display at outdoor Mexican Restaurant in Old Town San Diego…

© roger minick 2016


at-the-midway-blog-idiaristA recent visit to the aircraft carrier Midway & “Embracing Peace” statue in San Diego… © roger minick 2016

xmas-tree-blog-idiaristXmas tree at Carlsbad… © roger minick 2016

tetons-3-blog-idiaristA stop last September in the Tetons at Snake River Overlook on an amazingly brooding blustery day… © roger minick 2016


windriver-range-blog-idiaristTwo months ago, the fabulous sky and mountains east of the Tetons…   © roger minick 2016

teton-colors-blog-idiaristWaking early in the Tetons to see this… © roger minick 2016