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xmas-tree-blog-idiaristXmas tree at Carlsbad… © roger minick 2016

Musical Instruments Blog iDiaristAfter a recent practice session… © roger minick 2015

Tools Blog iDiarist

A few days ago while working around the yard spotted this random arrangement of common hand tools… © roger minick 2015

Front Yard Blog iDiarist

A chance configuration of light and shadow through bathroom window…

© roger minick 2015

My Fiddle Blog iDiaristMy fiddle which, after a hiatus of several years, I have started playing again… © roger minick 2015

Self in Studio Blog iDiaristAfter a fine day of printing images from my “What in The World” series…

© roger minick 2015


Dad's Banjo Blog iDiarist A turn of the century large kettle four string Vega Tenor Banjo which my father replaced with a new neck, turning it into a five string, then when I inherited the banjo I removed the wood resonator so that it’s now a drop-thumb or clawhammer style banjo with a sweet sound…

© roger minick 2014