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Red-Sided House in Scotland iDiarist BlogSaw this at the side of the road on drive from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye… © roger minick 2018

Ali in Armour iDiarist BlogAt castle in St. Gore on the Rhine River… © roger minick 2018

Eilean Donan Castle iDiarist BlogThe iconic castle near the bridge/ferry to Isle of Skye…

© roger minick 2018

Dino with Person Blog iDiaristA roadside attraction near Palm Springs I have photographed many times over the years… © roger minick 2018

Red Delivery Truck Blurb iDiaristA blustery day in Sedona three months ago…

© roger minick 2018



A picnic at a spot with my favorite people from where I have made many photographs in the past… @ roger minick 2016

Pittsburg Blog iDiaristA wall abstract I found last summer during a walk I took around downtown Pittsburg… © roger minick 2015