Red-Sided House in Scotland iDiarist BlogSaw this at the side of the road on drive from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye… © roger minick 2018

Man with Trumbone at October Fest iDiarist BlogMusician at Oktoberfest in Munich taking a break from festivities…

© roger minick 2018

Ali in Armour iDiarist BlogAt castle in St. Gore on the Rhine River… © roger minick 2018

Eilean Donan Castle iDiarist BlogThe iconic castle near the bridge/ferry to Isle of Skye…

© roger minick 2018

A Moment at the Orsay iDiarist BlogA fleeting moment among many two days ago at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris… © roger minick 2018


Trafalgar Square iDiarist BlogEarly morning three days ago, making my rounds in search of coffee shops… © roger minick 2018

No Wifi iDiarist BlogSign posted in Cafe Topes in Carlsbad, California… © roger minick 2018